Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Symptoms of Life

I was surprised, when I finally got to see the doctor, that I was already almost two months pregnant. I felt excited but slightly robbed of the full nine months prep time that all women are entitled to. I didn't have too much time to think about that because I was so focused on nausea.

Fact: morning sickness doesn't usually set in until week 5-6, so watch out ladies.

I felt sick 24/7 and it wasn't just your run of the mill nausea--this was more like a constant hunger combined with all food being disgusting and of course if I ate the wrong thing I would throw up (only it was hard to say what the wrong thing was until it was too late). So I did what any women would do: lie on the couch and allow my husband to do absolutely everything for me. I also learned that there is more to early pregnancy then just morning sickness. If it was a possible symptom I had it.

Headaches: from the fact that my body now has double the amount of blood (crazy).

Constipation: this is a fun one that I have never in my life experienced and now have a new found respect for.

Difficulty sleeping: what isn't that supposed to come later? I have been a pro sleeper my entire life, this has been a sad turn of events.

Constant thirst/urination: again seems to soon for that.

Sore Breasts: this is pain like you wouldn't believe and of course they are also growing at a rapid rate and I can no longer fit properly into any of my bras.

Skin: I don't know about glowing skin but I broke out with major hormone zits, it was bad really really bad.

So basically as soon as I found out I was pregnant I got a constant reminder of that fact by feeling completely unwell all the time. But the worst part was that once most of the symptoms subsided I kind of missed them. They were the only way I knew that this was really happening. So now they come back on occasion to remind me, which is kind of sweet and twisted.

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