Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Growing Girl

Clothing has been a little bit of an issue lately. Basically, every morning I get dressed and try on three different outfits before I find something that is work and belly appropriate. The main problem is that all my clothes that are really comfortable make me look pregnant. I wore a black, cotton, empire waist dress to volunteer in a grade 2/3 class yesterday and the first thing one of the kids said to me was; "that dress makes you look pregnant." Inside I was like, 'thanks kid, you're saying what I think every time I look in the mirror.' However, when I wear 'normal' clothes my belly gets so uncomfortable. Almost all pants and skirts cut you off in the middle and now that my belly is getting bigger and harder it does not like these kinds of restrictions. The problem is that I am at that awkward period where I definitely have a bump but it hasn't fully rounded out. I also haven't told my work and I'm kind of hoping to keep it in a little while longer which means that everyday I must find something to wear that is comfortable and not over the top belly showing.

This brings me to my ridiculous trip to Walmart over the weekend. That's right I went to Walmart, now that I'm preparing for parenthood cheapness trumps evil American corporation. So I go in and am instantly in a daze, the lights are too bright, the aisles are too long and everything feels too big. But I'm here on a mission; to purchase a few basic staples. The most ridiculous item I bought was the fugliest mom-bra you have ever seen. This thing has no under wire, has nice thick straps and the worst flower embroider pattern in white on white. My husband grieves along with me but man this bra is so amazingly comfortable. I also bought some actual pregnancy tights and leggings which are soon to be everyday wear. Now buying a new bathing suit was a whole episode unto itself.

I swim laps throughout the year so it's important that I have a good, solid sports bathing suit to swim in. Doesn't have to be fancy, just needs to work. My current bathing suit was getting too small before I got pregnant so it was essential to buy a new one soon. This was the main goal of my trip to Walmart. Bathing suits at sports stores or department stores can easily run in the $100 range while at Walmart $20 is typical and since I was looking for a sports bathing suit it seemed the logically choice. So quickly I found myself in the change room and I had a whole range of sizes and only a few styles (they really didn't have the selection I hoped for) but I was optimistic. Of course my optimism quickly faded as I continued to try on different sizes, none of which fit just right. I finally tried on one that was the perfect fit but looking in the mirror it was ghastly. This was not even a mom bathing suit this was grandma styles. Breast support, exact support clip in the back and the design...there are no words. It was extremely unattractive and although I was only buying a suite for exercise I just couldn't bring myself to do it. I decided instead to go with the nicer style in the slightly too large of a size (after all I'm a growing girl right?). Wrong, or at least not close enough to right. I went for a swim in my new swimsuit the other day and it was a disaster, it felt like the thing was going to fall off the entire time I was doing laps. Oh grandma suite why did I judge you so harshly and why am I constantly buying things that don't fit? Lesson learned...I hope.


  1. Was it one of the grandma suits that have the built in skirt?

  2. No skirt but still it was bad-it was grandma.

  3. I am peeing my pants over here!! I love this story! I empathize with you Jane, I went post-baby body bathingsuit shopping andI had to buy the first one I tried because as soon as I took my bra off, I leaked breast milk all over the bathing suit and floor... they had to get a mop... I'm serious.