Monday, February 22, 2010

Fantasy Land

I have officially moved on to stage two: lovely baby fantasies.

I live in Vancouver which is a beautiful city, surrounded by mountains and ocean. There are parks, walking/biking paths, beaches and pools. This and the fact that I am feeling so much better (i.e. not nauseous and throwing up) has allowed me to start indulging in fantasy land.

My biggest fantasies are not outrageous, they are definitely in the realm of reality. I picture going on lovely walks on the seawall everyday with the baby. Of course the sun is always shinning and I feel great. I also have visions of biking along the seawall path over to Spanish Banks; a beautiful beach towards the university. I will bring a picnic and a beach blanket. After a nice long ride, I'll set baby up and we'll bask in the sun together (baby and mother wearing sunscreen and hats of course). We'll relax, maybe I'll read and of course just play with baby and love life.

Granville Island has a nice little free water park for kids. Perfect for toddlers on hot summer days. I can also see going to local parks when baby is a little older and putting him/her in a swing or doing the butterfly swing that my mom used to do with me. This is when mom sits on the swing and puts the child facing mom with their little legs sort of wrapped around the mom. This way mom does all the work and the child enjoys the ride. I have vivid memories of doing that with my mom and loving it. I also remember going on bike rides and sitting in that little baby seat on my mom's bikes. These are some of the happiest memories of my life and I hope to recreate them with my little one.

Everything feels like it's going to be wonderful. I am definitely operating in some kind of a pink baby haze that does not allow clear sight of some of the baby realities to come: no sleep, sore body and poopy diapers. However, after the last few months of symptoms I think I'd like to stay here in fantasy land for a little while.


  1. You forgot Auntie Niki taking baby to cute stores and pretending she is the Mom :)

    Speaking of diapers, google "g-diapers" and let me know your thoughts.... uber cute!!

  2. my fantasies for your baby are these: hanging out with the baby and playing with it while you are catching up on sleep. when the baby is older i want to buy it books and read to it and teach it fun things that mom and dad probably won't (spit bubbles, pranks and flirting.) Then i want to take him/her on camping trips and we can do hemp necklaces and learn about all the different trees and nature. and eventually, force the baby to read oscar wilde and listen to leonard cohen and bask in the amazingness of life. :)

  3. Babies can't wear sunscreen (for the first six to twelve months, depending on who you ask), so just allow yourself to bask in the glow of your fantasies, including a sun that does no harm.

    And, as I've found out, everyone has an opinion about everything. From breast-feeding to vaccinations to pacifiers. My pre-natal yoga teacher said it best, "You are the perfect mom for your baby. Trust yourself. Trust your instincts -- they will always guide you in the right direction."