Thursday, April 8, 2010

Baby Brain

So I haven't done a lot of research on this subject, however, from what I gather baby brain is yet another symptom of pregnancy. Basically baby brain is when pregnant women and or new mothers become extremely absent minded and forgetful. So of course whether real or imagined I am most definitely feeling the effects of new symptom.

I have been volunteering on Tuesday mornings at a school for about 3 months. This has been part of my schedule and it's something I really look forward to. Well... not this past Tuesday. It wasn't until I arrived at work that I realized it was Tuesday and I was supposed to be volunteering and it was too late for me to go because of the extra time it takes me to get there and then be back at work for the afternoon. Damn. Now I'm not the most organized, with it person in the world but when it comes to work or volunteering which is a form of work I consider myself very reliable; this is not at all like me.

At work these days I find myself to be extremely forgetful; the classic example of going into a room and immediately forgetting what I was going to do or get when I got there as become my new routine.

I'm finding that I have to read directions or instructions multiple times in order to take in and retain the correct information. For example I was convinced that I would miss the opening for applying to the public broad because I thought that the window was a week. It took me checking a third time to realize that I had a month and nothing to worry about. What is that all about?

So perhaps this is just how life will be from now on; checking and rechecking, making lists only to loose them and make the same list again. Sounds fun right? Now I can't wait to see how that works with the baby around this exciting new symptom can last for some women up to one year after the baby is born or at least that's what 'they say'. Perhaps this will be part of my new persona, I'll keep you posted.

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  1. Jane, this is just your body preparing itself for your labour and delivery. Don't be hard on yourself. And, your brain will return shortly afterwards (if a little foggy due to the sleep deprivation). Check out my Doula's entry to her blog on March 3, 2010:

    Your reptile brain is taking over from your analytical brain. We're just used to "thinking" as opposed to "being". Sounds like your pregnancy is unfolding as it should. All pregnancies are unique, but it is amazing how much yours and mine are mirrors of each other. Crazy.