Friday, April 30, 2010


This is sort of one for the ladies because pregnant or not they I am sure can relate.

A few days ago I was on my way home from work and I had decided to multitask and do a few errands en route home. The first was to bring a couple of empty boxes home. We are moving soon and I thought it would be good to collect boxes and slowly bring them home in order to minimize the chaos and stress of moving (up until a few days ago my plan was working well). I also decided to buy a new pair of shoes. I had tried them on during my lunch break at a different location and they didn't have them in the colour I liked so they put them on hold at a location that was on my way home from work. Perfect, or so I thought. So now I have two empty boxes, a new pair of shoes, as well as my bag and of course my increasingly large and awkward baby bump.

The walk to my apartment from work is literally 15 minutes. However, I must add in the minor detour to the shoe store and the slight up hill incline I face going home, in order to give a truly accurate perfect of what I was dealing with. Although I was walking a little slowly it was completely manageable up tights started slowly moving down my legs. At first it was mainly just annoying because as I walked the crotch of my stockings was getting lower and lower and I didn't have a free hand to hike them up with. I should also clarify that although this happens with regular stockings, maternity stockings don't have a strong elastic waist, they are meant to sit under your belly. This fact seemed to speed up the rate at which my stockings were lowering on my legs. Before I was half way home the crotch of my tights was at my knees. Walking with my legs closer together only seemed to make it worse. If I didn't do something soon they were going to be around my ankles, so I was forced to put my boxes and bags down and step off the sidewalk (but still in public view) and fully, without grace or class hike up my stockings. I was a ridiculous sight to behold I'm sure; women with too many boxes/bags and a good sized belly, pulling her tights up and trying to adjust them without fully lifting up her dress and exposing too much. Needless to say when I got home I practically ripped the stupid things off and threw them in the trash. Good-bye and good riddance to maternity stockings!


  1. Jane this sounds similar to an experience that Mama had with an elderly aunt in Boston. Remind me to tell it to you when I see you.

  2. pants on the ground! pants on the ground!