Wednesday, April 28, 2010


I love seeing my girlfriends!

Having moved to the West Coast a few years ago I was forced to leave many of my best friends. However, I have been very lucky to have had lots of visitors. This year alone we had many close friends come for a visit which has been fabulous. They have though been men for the most part but yesterday I saw one of my very closest friends and she knew how to make a girl feel good about her growing baby bump.

The boys have expressed congratulations and some excitement but there is nothing like the excitement of seeing a girlfriend that you haven't seen in awhile; especially when you're 6 1/2 months pregnant. Women are curious and interested in a way that most men just don't seem to be (aside maybe from one of my boys who happens to live in San Fran-he asked me all the same questions as the girls and I love him for it). Women want to know details, and hear all about the little things that are going on with your body and the growing baby. They are interested, really interested in something that interests you personally a lot. It's proabbaly because they will be going through the process of pregnancy at some point or simply that sharing the biological characteristics is enough to make you curious. It is something that men just cannot share with us.

My own brother was not that interested in my baby bump or pregnancy. No there is nothing like the screaming excitement of my fellow ladies to share and enjoy this journey with. So I say hooray and thank you to my girls; your enthusiasm means the world to me and I am grateful for it.

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  1. I am soooo jealous that Holly had first dibs! Patience is not one of my virtues!!!