Monday, March 1, 2010


I was lazing about in bed on Saturday and I started feeling the strangest sensation in my stomach. It felt like there was a tiny little roller coaster going up and down in my belly. I would periodically get that butterfly, Canada's Wonderland drop-zone feeling; only smaller. I sort of ignored it and continued to read my book and then it kept happening. Then I finally realized that this is what early kicking feels like. It doesn't feel like kicking at all, just a strange whirling in the pit of your stomach feeling. I had read about it in books and much like everything else I have experienced, it was nothing like what I expected. My husband likes to picture the baby swimming around in my belly and doing the occasional back flip which is pretty much what it feels like. It continued all morning and then nothing on Sunday but it's back again today. I have to say that it's not painful or even uncomfortable really but it's not totally pleasant either. It is however, nice to know that everything is normal and that I have passed another milestone.

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