Thursday, March 18, 2010

Lesson Learned...Again

Yesterday I went for my second ultrasound appointment and it went something like this...

I arrive at the hospital at 7am for this appointment only to discover that there is a row of people waiting and the doors wouldn't open until 7:15; hum. The doors finally open and we all roll in and dutifully hand over our health care cards to reception. I take a seat and wait. When they finally call my name I find out that my first ultrasound has not been sent over (the second time it has not been sent where it's supposed to be; err). I don't remember the name of the place it was done and I'm sure my doctors office isn't opened yet which means there is nothing I can do so I sit back down and wait some more. It seems now that I am being punished for not having a complete file because everyone is called in before me, even the women who went pee despite having been told not to.

Here we go, I'm called in and the ultrasound begins. It's always a little too quiet for me while the technician is doing her thing. I am dying to ask questions and be told every little detail about what she sees but I try and restrain myself because I can see that she is focused. The room is getting cold with my belly bare and I can see nothing, a painting on the wall or something would have been good.

She finishes all her measuring (which seems to be taking pictures of different parts of the babies body) and of course I ask. "how does everything look?"
Her response, "Fine but really the doctor should be the one to discuss it with you."
Thanks lady just tell me it looks good come on.
Then I ask if she can tell the gender. Her response is ridiculously none committal. She tells us that the baby is moving a lot and so it's been hard for her to take pictures and see. She can't see a penis but that doesn't mean it's not there. She says she doesn't know how many times she has been right or wrong so it's best to just says she's not sure. What? That's it, that's your answer; you're not sure.

I am completely unsatisfied again and walk away with the lesson that I have already learned and will no doubt continue to be reminded of; life, this pregnancy, labor and most importantly this baby will not necessarily adhere to the plans that I have made. Okay, okay lesson learned.

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  1. My first ultrasound was at the Chinatown Ultrasound and X-Ray Clinic. They book official appointments, so you don't have to show up at 7:00am.

    My second one was at Grieg and Associates (covered by MSP). They also book official appointments. The one thing they didn't tell us was that this one was much longer. Unlike our first ultrasound, Michael wasn't allowed in until the very end of the appointment. And, because it took so long (nearly 1/2 an hour) he thought something was wrong! The technician was really nice though, and talked to me all the way through it. Tell your doctor to refer you somewhere else!