Friday, March 12, 2010

Numb Bum

I have discovered a new symptom of pregnancy or maybe it's just me.
The last few days my bum has been ridiculously sore. It feels bruised almost, possibly because I went for a massage and the therapist was forced to spend almost the entire hour working out the literal pain in my ass.

I have over the past few years struggled with back pain. It comes and goes, it's often related to stress or inactivity and can usually be treated through stretching and massage. Since working in an office and sitting at a desk all day, my back has expressed it's concerns and I have done what I always do and dutifully answer the call buy seeking professional help; i.e one massage as soon a possible please. But now my pain has shifted.

My therapist who I love has a way of finding the root of the problem which I am both grateful for and dread at each appointment. Yesterday he found the problem to be firmly rooted in my buttocks, something I was starting to notice at work. All he had to do was touch one cheek and it was clear that that was the problem. As he worked out the knots, I tried to breath through it and thought how fair I've come that this is totally normal and acceptable professional treatment. But my therapist wasn't done there, he as usual found pain and I mean the serious pain where I didn't know it existed. This time he found it in my thighs.

Have you ever had your thighs massaged? I don't mean by a partner during foreplay, I mean by a professional with a job to do. It's actually really uncomfortable. On a good day all my reflexes and insincts tell me that I should kick this fool off me but yesterday took it to a new level. All he had to do was press on my thigh before I was forced to cry 'stop'. "I'm sorry it's just too much," I said. He of course complied and went about relieving my tense thighs muscles in a more gentle way.

But back to my butt which has become somewhat of a distraction. The pain was rubbed out, kind of but my butt is still sore. I went to the movies after and sat for two hours on my sore bum and now I'm here at work doing the same thing. I think I may need to invest in one of those 'sitting doughnut' that they give to people with hemorrhoids because this butt can't take it anymore.

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  1. Hi Jane,

    This happened to me, too, especially in my fifth month of pregnancy. The explanation given to me was: the hormone 'relaxin', which is released throughout your body during your pregnancy, is relaxing the muscles and tendons in your pelvic area to help the baby through when the time comes.

    It sounds like you are doing everything that I did: multiple visits to my RMT, hot showers, pre-natal yoga (stretching), warm back compresses, etc. And yes, I went out and paid $40 for a ball to sit on while I was at work. (I actually saw the exact same ball at London Drugs for $10 less about six weeks ago. It is called the Zenzu Ball and I got the one that is 26", but I think there are smaller ones, if you prefer.) I would go back and forth between the ball and the chair, depending on what felt most comfortable. I've also been told the ball comes in very handy for lightly bouncing your baby [to get it to settle] after it arrives. That way, your arms don't have to do all the work.

    And, of course, there is always Tylenol. My doctor said I could take up to the maximum dose listed on the label, if absolutely necessary.