Monday, March 29, 2010

Polite People

I have told my boss and most of my co-workers that I am pregnant but I didn't want to send out a mass email with my news so I kind of hoped that word would spread and I wouldn't have to make a big deal about it. I am also now 5 1/2 months pregnant and looking, I think very pregnant so imagine my surprise when I casually mention to a guy at work; "well, you know I'm pregnant right?" and he responds, "really I had no idea."

You had no idea! What are you talking about, you had no idea? Come on, how else do you account for my clearly round and protruding belly? Do you think I have a beer belly? Do you think that this is my body type? Come on...I am so clearly pregnant.

Friends have tried to reassure me by saying that people are just trying to be polite but let me tell you there is nothing polite about telling a clearly pregnant women that she doesn't look pregnant. All it tells us is that we look fat, rather then the preferable pregnant. It is very insulting.

The first few months I did sort of just feel fat. I wore a lot of baggy clothing and tried to hide my middle as much as possible. Then I started to round out and have embraced the belly fully. I now feel that I would rather wear clothes that show off my growing bump, rather then shying away. However, these 'polite' people who I can only hope fain ignorance to my situation are not helping me any. So to the world I say, it's okay I am pregnant and I don't mind looking it at least for the next few months.


  1. men mostly that say this? honestly!
    embrace the belly (wish i could!)


  2. I agree with Niki-jean. Although, I would argue men are actually clueless. I was 7.5 months -- very clearly pregnant -- and there were men at work who didn't say ANYTHING for fear of being wrong. Listen, a$$hole$, I've been the same height and the same weight since I started in this joint (nearly 5 years ago), and one just doesn't mysteriously gain 30lbs over seven months.