Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Little Piggies

I was at my doctors appointment as usual and when I got weighed in I was a little surprised to see the new number on the scale. The nurse was also a little surprised too which is never a good thing.

"What happened?" she asked me. "You really jumped this month."

I had really jumped. Up until this point I had been gaining weight slow and steady just like you're supposed to but this was a drastic step up and I couldn't think of a reason why. The nurse had me weigh in again, thinking that maybe something was wrong with the scale. Nope the scale was fine, it was me.

I was starting to worry when the nurse sort of gave me the up and down and said, "oh, you're swollen. You're retaining water."

I looked down at my little piggy feet and ankles and yes I was.

This wasn't news to me though. I have been very aware over the last few weeks that my feet and ankles are increasingly swollen and painful and that my many attempts to cure this has been seemingly fruitless.

Once the doctor came in and gave me all the good news; the baby is healthy, all my blood work is great etc., we were able to talk about my weight. Basically my belly is still growing at the appropiate rate and all this extra weight is being held from the knees down. We went over what I've been doing and what I can do to help the situation but the bottom line is that for some reason some women swell and some don't. Some swell early, like me at 7 months and some simply swell in the last few weeks. It's all one glorious mystery.

However, today I am at work wearing my new compression stockings (doctors orders) and I feel like an old grandma but a grandma that is in a heck of a lot less pain then yesterday. It will be interesting to see how this swelling progresses over the next few months as we enter into summer. I must say I won't go through this for anyone else but I would and I will go through a lot worse with a smile on my face for this little baby.

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