Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Third Trimester

It's the home stretch or that's what all the books and websites I read keep telling me. I am now officially in my third trimester and it's all down hill from here. I am of course flooded with many emotions: excited, fear, expectations but all of these things are over shadowed by my overwhelming fatigue.

It is sunny and beautiful outside, days are getting warmer and longer and I am becoming more tired each day that goes by. I am sleeping well, I have no real stress in my life and yet when I wake up to blue skies and birds singing after a full night sleep all I want to do is roll over and go back to sleep. I am dragging myself through each day and collapsing onto the couch after work.

This I suppose it what the third trimester is all about. The baby is going to be growing about a 1/5 pound a week until the end which means that I am going to be using a lot of energy allowing my body to facilitate that. We won't even get into the amount of weight I'll be gaining and have gained and how that effects my energy levels because at this point it goes without saying.

Despite the reality of my body, I still have a lot to do in preparation of this bundle. It can be hard to think about all that needs to get done, make lists and then be too tired to do anything when I get home from work. I keep thinking about the burst of energy that supposedly comes right near the end and wonder if that is actually gonna happen to me. I also think about women who have small children to take care of while they are pregnant and exhausted which reminds me that I've got it pretty easy. So this is it...third trimester and all I want is a nap.

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