Thursday, May 20, 2010

Bedtime Urban Planning

I just want to take a moment to describe my new sleeping style because I feel that it's a bit ridiculous.

In the past I could sleep anytime, anywhere. I was known by friends for my ability to lay down, close my eyes and be instantly in a deep sleep. It was a gift. I never tossed or turned, I never lay awake thinking about the hours before I had to wake up.

But like all good things, this has come to an end. Now my sleep is extremely inconsistent; I have good nights and bad nights. But what is funny about my new sleeping situation is the amount of preparations and reconfiguration that goes on each night.

First as I mentioned in previous posts I had to stop sleeping on my stomach and start sleeping on my side. This required a pillow between the knees and sort of under the belly (it's not a body pillow but it is longer then the average pillow). I have needed to add two smaller pillows or one folded under my feet in order to elevate them and reduce swelling. I also need to hug a pillow and of course I need one for under my head. How many is that? Yeah, it's a lot of pillows. But that's not all. I now wake up a lot in order to go to the bathroom or just to change position which wouldn't be so bad if turning over didn't now require me to move all the pillows into a new position, I feel like an urban planner every night.

Picture this: me rolling over in bed, pulling the 'body pillow' with me to the other side, and the hugging pillow and attempting to get my feet back up on the foot pillows, all while attempting to keep the covers over me and with a hard working husband asleep beside me. It's a bit much. The fact is that this doesn't just happen once in the night, it can happen two, three or even four times. Back and forth with the pillows trying to set them all up and get comfortable for my next bout of sleep. Luckily my husband no longer wakes up during my nightly antics, it must be preparation for the nights to come.

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