Tuesday, June 1, 2010


My husband and I just got back from a trip where we were able to see friends and family that I have not seen since getting pregnant and it was fabulous. Friends threw us the most incredible baby shower which was completing overwhelming in the best way possible. We drove all over visiting grandparents and old friends, went to BBQs and had numerous little parties in between. We even got to attend a wedding which was fantastic. Seeing friends getting married and all the people a celebration like that brings together is beyond words.

For me personally the best experience was the belly love I got from all my friends and family but especially from friends. Everyone made me feel beautiful and lucky. When you are slowly growing everyday and surrounded by people that you don't know that well the belly is there and may even be acknowledged but there is nothing like friends you've know for over a decade to attack your protruding belly with joy. Hands on the belly, hoping to feel a kick, sharing in the joy and excitement of what's to come; it was amazing.

So I say thank you to the universe for this baby, to my friends for being outstanding and my family for being so supportive. It takes a village and I'm glad that we've got such an excellent one eagerly waiting the arrival of our new addition.


  1. i will maul that baby for life. and you. and your huzband!

  2. you get what you give ms harper and you are super loving, supportive and wonderful :) so i am not surprised how much love is out there for you & tim and especially the lil' babes oxoxoxo love you forever!!!!!

    ps- you are the best dancer i know who is 7 months pregnant! woot woot!

  3. it was so wonderful to see you & tim & your belly. I love you very much. See you soon!

    xoxo M.